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PlaysiaTV is a unique video streaming service incorporating Web3 “Watch&Earn” concept run by ACA Football Partners.

We offer sports content, mainly focusing on football, at a global level including documentary series, players interviews, match highlights, behind the scenes, and more.

Users receive “lottery tickets” per unique view of the content, and you have a chance to win the prize like DEAPcoin (the “DEP”). Please visit PlayMining website to know more about DEP in detail.

※ The Lottery Campaign for "Watch & Earn" is currently unavailable. Sorry for your inconvenience but you can keep watching our content on both PlaysiaTV and PlaysiaTV YouTube

How to enjoy PlaysiaTV

  • 1, Sign Up to PlaysiaTV by simply registering your email
  • 2, Watch content and receive lottery tickets
  • 3. Check MyPage to see how many tickets you have earned and whether you won any prize
  • 4. Make sure you have a PlayMining ID and a Wallet to receive DEP

Don’t worry too much, you just need to enjoy watching our content, then apparently you will also have a chance to win rewards!

What We Offer




Special Interview / Talk show


Game & High lights


Behind the scene


Enjoy / Fan


Other contents in the future....


An Exceptionally unique experience

A video streaming service incorporating Web3 “Watch&Earn” concept. You can enjoy the contents just like playing games by getting rewards depending on your engaged actions such as number or length of viewership. Several channels will be out soon including ACAFP and KMSK Deinze, other affiliated clubs and partner clubs. You can enjoy rich contents, for instance documentary series, players interviews and behind the scene at anytime from anywhere!