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GGG x PlaysiaTV x JobTribes Community Scholarships Open!

Today we have good news for JobTribes players!

PlaysiaTV will collaborate with Garuda Guild Games and JobTribes in offering 100 Scholarships to our supporters for GGG x PlaysiaTV x JobTribes Scholarships program.

We are also very grateful to our generous sponsor Mr. Kazutaka Mori, the Founder of MGG Verse and NFT sponsor of PlaysiaTV, who pledged the 100 decks for this Scholarships to support PlaysiaTV community building.

Sponsorship details:

  • 1. Complete RARE Deck (contain 6 NFT Amulets)
  • 2. Scholars will get: 40% NFT Quest Earnings, 100% PvP Earnings, 100% Salary Earnings, and 100% Lottery Earnings
  • 3. Scholarship Dashboard will be provided on GGG App
  • 4. Performance Ranking will be measured by earnings performance and loyalty on 5 PlaysiaTV (watching contents, sharing, promoting and inviting new users)
  • 5. Top 10 Performers will receive additional Special Rewards
  • 6. Lowest 10 will be replaced by the next scholar candidates

Top 10 Performers(for JobTribes Season 13) will receive Special Rewards: Official Jersey of KMSK Deinze, signed by Marselino Ferdinan.


Further details can be asked directly to the community managers inside PlaysiaTV Telegram Group.