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Information About Lottery Vol.13

Please check below for the information about Lottery Vol.13. Referral feature is still available where both inviter and invitee will receive 10 tickets extra. Don’t forget to bring your friends too for an extra chance to win the lottery!

The table of prize for lucky winners:

1st prize : 30,000 DEP x 3
2nd prize : 5,000 DEP x 10
3rd prize : 1,000 DEP x 20
4th prize : 500 DEP x 40
5th prize : 100 DEP x 200

Expected Winner Announcement Date:

Vol.13 March 8th, 2023 SGT (count viewing record until March 6th 23:59 SGT)

How it works

  • The lottery tickets are distributed once a day after PlaysiaTV data integrity team's data validation is complete. *Usually it's processed the next day.
  • The lottey tickets will be added to the current Volume season under your "Reward" page.
  • You can check your “My Page” to see how many lottery tickets you have
  • To receive your rewards please make sure you have a PlayMining ID and it is advised to use the same email address for both PlayMining ID and PlaysiaTV account
  • We will distribute lottery numbers per Unique View, not per the total number of repeated views (ex. if you watch 5 different contents you will get maximum 30 lottery tickets, but if you watch only 1 content repeatedly, you will receive lottery tickets only once. You will not receive tickets from your 2nd viewing)