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Marselino Ferdinan Special NFT Card Vol.2 Launch

We are excited to announce that we will release the second version of the NFT card of Marselino Ferdinan (KMSK Deinze / Belgium) on May 8th. You still have a chance to win a Marselinio’s signed jersey, don’t miss this chance to join PlaysiaTV!

【Marselino Ferdinan Special NFT Card Sales】

PlayMining NFT
【PlaysiaTV】Marselino Ferdinan / KMSK Deinze (May 2023)
Date:May 8th 7:00(UTC+1)
Price:500 DEP
Number of issue:no limit

KMSK Deinze Marselino Ferdinan Signed Jersey

We continue to provide the opportunity to win a Marselino’s signed jersey for 10 lucky users in total under below conditions:
-Have more than 3 Marselino Ferdinan NFT cards (this may include the first NFT card)
-Have a PlaysiaTV account (free to sign up)
*You don't have to submit any specific form to apply

Campaign Date:
Vol.1 March 22nd - April 5th *FINISHED
Vol.2 May 8th - May 22nd
※Winner announcement : PlaysiaTV will contact you directly through email

【How to purchase NFT card】

① Please create PlayMining ID and wallet
Guidance to create PlayMining ID and wallet

② Please access below link after the creation of PlayMining NFT wallet

※If you already have PlaysiaTV account, please put the same email address when you login to PlayMining NFT
※If you already register PlayMining NFT or have played PlayMining games, please put the same email address when you create PlaysiaTV account
※You can use this NFT card as Common NFT to play JobTribes
※You are not able to use this NFT card for JobTribes quest

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